Benefits of Buying from Auctions North West

Quick and Easy Bidding Process
Buying at Auction with Auctions North West is a fast, simple and hassle free way to purchase your new property. You can bid from the comfort of your home, office even on the move from your smartphone or tablet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Wide Range of Residential and Commercial Properties 
Auctions North West provides buyers with a wide range of properties, from Family homes, to apartments, pubs, hotels, land. All our properties are realistically priced and are offered exclusively by Auctions North West Ltd on behalf of committed buyers many are already vacant with no onward chain. Our auction list can change daily so please ensure you sign up to our newsletter to receive regular updates.

Secure Transactions 
Buying through Auctions North West Ltd is a transparent process. As the auction is viewable by anyone and is in the public domain, the risk of gazumping or re-negotiation is completely removed. Once the auction closes, all further details become confidential.

Mortgage Purchases 
All our auctions complete within 28 days from the date of purchase. Even if you’re buying through Auctions North West Ltd with a residential mortgage we can normally complete the process within this time. If you need further advice or assistance on buying using a residential mortgage, please contact one of our auctions team and they will be happy to advise you further.

The Bidding Process

Start your Bidding 

Before you can bid for any of the properties on the Auctions North West Website, you must be registered. This is a quick and simple process. Just click on the link in the bottom left hand corner of any of the pages and complete the registration form. If you would prefer not to register online or would like one of our auctions team to place bids for you, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Please be advised we strongly recommend that you carry out any market research and due diligence on any property you are interested in bidding on. 

Our Online Auction 

Certain properties offered for sale by Auctions North West Ltd are only available to purchase by on-line auction. This way buyers benefit from being able to bid 24 hours a day, 365 days a year wherever they are. The Property that is being auctioned will have a clearly visible countdown timer, which shows the properties address and how many days hours and minutes are left to bid on that particular property.

The Reserve Price 

The reserve price is the minimum price the seller will accept for selling in the auction. We do not publish the reserve price as this is a confidential agreement between Auctions North West and the seller. 

End of Auction 

Once the auction has ended and your bid has been successful, you will be required to pay a 10% deposit at which point contracts will be exchanged and the 28 day completion clock starts. Upon completion, 1% of the total purchase price of the property becomes payable to Auctions North West Ltd as our fee.

It’s as easy as that.

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