Benefits of Selling with Auctions North West


The Auction and Sales Process

Listing your property on the Auctions North West website is fast, simple, secure and hassle free. Our services are now completely free to the seller – we will charge you no fees WHATSOEVER regardless if your property is sold through our site or not, GUARANTEED!
Once you have decided to list your property through the Auctions North West website, you will be assigned an auction specialist who will take care of all the necessary details. This includes arranging the advertisements, securing photos, advising on reserves and eventually hosting your property in our live online auction. If your property sells as we are sure it will, one of our specialist sales team will manage the sale right through to completion, taking all the stress and hassle away from you and keeping you up dated every step of the way. 

Property Marketing 
Using our extensive database of over a million property companies, our strategy when pricing and marketing your property means that at all times your property is receiving the best chance of increased viewings and interest which ultimately increases the chance of your property selling quickly at a price everyone is happy with. 

Market Value 
Auctions are a proven way to maximise the chance of you getting a good, fair price for your property. Due to our Marketing and pricing strategy we guarantee to get you the best possible price and with your reserve set you can be confident your property won’t sell for anything less.

Fixed 28 day completion date 
We guarantee a 28 day completion date to both Buyers and Sellers. This fixed time scale provides both parties with confidence and security. Online Auctions differ from the traditional sales by private treaty it is common to find in these types of sales timescales are varied and can take some considerable time to complete your sale. 

No Hidden Fees 
Listing and selling your house with Auctions North West involves No hidden charges, and No admin, advertising or contract fees. You the seller will pay NOTHING WHATSOEVER for the service we provide.